Tips for Commemorating a Milestone

Throughout our lives, we go through significant events of growth and change. These events make our lives what they are and shape who we are. These events are called milestones. With every milestone reached and completed, we become something more than what we were before. Every milestone marks an event that should be commemorated. Commemorating these milestones will help to solidify the significance and the memory of the special event in our minds eye for future recollection. To make lasting expressions of love and appreciation, there are many ways to commemorate the many milestones that occur in one’s life.
Of course the best and quickest way to make a milestone concrete is through film, whether it be a photograph, or a video. To get these lasting expressions on film, the best thing to remember is to always have a camera available and ready. You never know when your first baby might take his or her first steps, or say his or her first word. Later, you can print out the photographs and put them into a photo album or scrapbook. If you use a video recorder, you can edit the video or put several videos together and share with family and friends.
If you do not have a camera available when a milestone occurs, you can write about it. Writing about people, places, and events is another way to solidify memories in our minds. Writing details before we forget them causes our minds to recreate the memory multiple times until it holds a special place in our minds. This way, we can tell the story of the milestone to friends and family who were not present to experience it.
A fantastic way to commemorate a milestone for many family people is through a special craft. Sometimes the craft utilizes photographs, or other evidence from the event, such as a scrapbook, and other crafts do not utilize a photograph. If a person enjoys sewing or embroidering, that person may want to commemorate a milestone by making a blanket or a piece of clothing with the significant information for the event on the blanket or clothing, such as embroidering a wedding date or graduation.
There are many basic milestones that everyone goes through as they travel along in their life, and other milestone that are individually significant. It is important to commemorate the important milestones in order to remember them, and to share them with friends and family. Commemorating a milestone is as easy as taking a picture or writing about it, but the most fun commemorations are through crafting, so be creative when commemorating those milestones, and make them memorable.

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