Archives for January 2014

Tips for Commemorating a Milestone

Throughout our lives, we go through significant events of growth and change. These events make our lives what they are and shape who we are. These events are called milestones. With every milestone reached and completed, we become something more than what we were before. Every milestone marks an event that should be commemorated. Commemorating […]

Why Asbestos is So Dangerous?

We have all heard of the dangers of asbestos, but what exactly is it? Asbestos is a fibrous mineral found near the core of the earth. It is not dangerous until it is released into the air from mining, taking samples or rotting building products. Asbestos was used to add strength and longevity to common […]

Spring Tune Up

Spring is just around the corner. There are many things to get ready for the coming season. How is your waistline? Are you hitting the gym? Have you cleaned out the basement? What about the attic? Are you ready to open the windows, allowing fresh air and bright light to fill your home? Are you […]